5 Important Setup Tasks To Start Homeopathic Practice Online

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Coronavirus has completely changed the methods of medical practice. As a precautionary measure and due to fear, people prefer to stay inside their homes.

Many pharmacies and health practitioners are coming up with ways to allow people to take benefits of home delivery of medicines and online consultation.

If you want to grow your practice it is the best time to start providing online treatment.

If you want to start your homeopathic practice online, here are the five important setup tasks:

Task #1: Online Form Creation

You can easily create an online form by using Google Forms.

It is a free online tool from Google which allows users to create forms, surveys, and quizzes.

Furthermore, Google forms can be used to receive feedback from patients.

You need to sign in to Google to be able to create, access, and share content on Google Forms. Google provides tons of pre-designed templates for users. If you want to design your own Google form, you can select the blank template.

There are many types of questions you can include in a Google Form, including short answer, paragraph response, multiple-choice, checkboxes, dropdown, linear scale, and multiple-choice grid. You can also embed images and videos directly into a form.

The data from Google Forms are collected in a Google Spreadsheet, which allows for further analysis. 

You can easily send “form link” to your patients on WhatsApp.  You can embed Google form on your website too.

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Task #2: Courier Platform Setup

You will need a Courier Platform for home delivery of Homeopathic Medicines.

You can take courier charges from patients.

Click here to know about India’s one of the best courier service platforms with pickup and Cash On Delivery facilities.

But don’t provide full CASH ON DELIVERY service to new patients. It is because sometimes the patient may cancel the order. In that case, you will have to pay double Courier charges (forward and return).

So, I collect Rs. 400 in advance (online payment), and the remaining amount by CASH ON DELIVERY.

I inform the patient that this Rs. 400 is not refundable.

If a patient cancels the order, I don’t have to pay Courier charges.

One more benefit of the advance payment is that there are fewer chances of cancellation.


Task #3: Payment Platforms Setup

Moreover, there has been a steep rise in the adoption of online payments since the use of smartphones has increased.

With health businesses becoming boundary-less and aiming to capture the global markets, it is important to abide by patients’ behavior across to sustain every situation.

By having commonly used Online Payment facilities, you can make the payment process easy for your clients.

So, set up your business account at PayTM, PhonePe, Gpay. You can use bank account transfer for international payments.


Task #4: Online Treatment Introduction and FAQs Setup

When most health practitioners think about web design, they think about how they can improve their homepage.

The problem is, this isn’t always the main focus of your customer. Patients don’t typically search for a brand name, they usually search for a solution.  Therefore, they are more likely to come across an actual online treatment page than a homepage. Focusing on enhancing these pages allows you to make a good first impression.

So you must create a simple and impressive online treatment introduction on your website. Also, add the FAQ section on this page. So, patients can find answers to their queries immediately.

Use some relevant images on this page.  If possible create an introduction video and put it on this web page.

Having unique online treatment descriptions and images doesn’t just set you apart from the competition, it helps you improve your site’s ranking as a whole.

Your online treatment introduction page can be lengthy and detailed, allowing search engines to pick up your pages as unique and useful.


Task #5: Informational & Educational Materials Creation

Create some informational and educational materials like rules to follow while taking homeopathic treatment, diet plans, affirmations, yoga, exercises, etc.

You can create this materials in the form of WhatsApp messages, emails, google doc files, ebooks, or videos.

It is one time efforts. It will be your lifetime asset. You would not have to explain the same things personally to each patient. It will save your valuable time.

I hope this article will help grow your practice. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section below.

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