English or हिंदी? Which language is best for youtube channel of Homeopaths

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Hi friend, you are awesome!

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It shows that you are thinking about opening a YouTube channel, but confused about the language selection!


If you are still not convinced that opening the YouTube channel is very useful for homeopaths to grow the practice fast, you should first read my article by clicking the below.

Why Homeopathic Doctor Should Start YouTube Channel

With over 2 billion views a day, YouTube is the second most visited site in the world. 

It is an essential tool for homeopathic doctors looking to reach a number of people. The fact that it is extremely easy to use and provides a brilliant platform for communication adds to its appeal.

Click here to know 5 important benefits of YouTube to grow your health practice.


So, speaking about which is better for YouTube channel in India, Hindi, or English

(for homeopathic doctors)?

This is what I think.

Possibility #1: Fluent In Only Hindi

If you are comfortable in only Hindi, do it in Hindi.


Before 2016, it was not advisable to start the Hindi YouTube channel, because the cost of mobile data was very high.


But Jio has completely changed the Indian online mobile market. Nowadays the mobile internet has reached villages and people love you to watch youtube videos.

Want To Grow
Practice Online

Possibility #2: Fluent In Only English

 if you are comfortable in only English, start the channel in English.

To get a good number of subscribers, you must communicate with your audience smoothly. So, choose the language according to your fluency.


Possibility #3: Fluent In Hindi & English

If you are having good command over Hindi and English, the answer will depend on your goal of starting the YouTube channel!

Goal #1:  Get more patients from all over India.

Here you can help them with online consultation and home delivery of medicines.

According to my experience, for this purpose, Hindi is better. There are too many new viewers from villages in India, coming online.

But, many from south India will not be your target audience in that case.

Goal #2: Get customers from all over the world.

If your goal is to grow your practice on an international level, then go for English.

But remember that there much more competition for the English language from many countries.

One thing more:

It is more difficult to handle the courier of medicines internationally than on the national level.

You will need more impressive websites and marketing systems to attract international patients.

One master tip for earning from International clients.


You can create a paid online consultation or coaching program. You can charge it from 200 to 20,000 or more depending on benefits offered)

It’s very difficult to sell online homeopathic or health-related courses to the Hindi audience.

But you can sell it with proper business skills for international clients.

I hope this article will help grow your practice. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section below.

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