Homeopathy Is Not A Placebo Effect

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Why Critics Believes that Homeopathy is the Placebo Effect

In fact, for conventional doctors, the only difference between getting better from conventional treatment and placebo is that they cannot explain why the placebo has made someone better.

In a sense, the fact that conventional medicine has a problem with explaining homeopathy means that it is by definition a placebo for them.

Of course, any new treatment they cannot yet explain is theoretically a placebo too.

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The Argument Used: There is Nothing in the Remedies

It is frequently argued that homeopathy treatment’s effect is only a placebo effect because homeopathic medicines are ‘just sugar pills’ that don’t contain any active ingredients.

This is a popular myth. Critics believe that when substances are diluted in the process of making potentized remedies, there comes a point when no molecule of the original substance is left. This is calculated by using Avogadro’s number (the number of carbon-12 atoms in 12 grams of carbon), and the 12c potency is regarded as the one where no original substance is left in the remedy.

This argument is one that is often adopted by people who have superficially studied only the theoretical part of homeopathy and know nothing at all about homeopathic research and results.

With any medical treatment, there is likely to be some degree of ‘placebo effect’ and in this respect, homeopathy is no different. But the theory that homeopathy’s effects are only a placebo response is not supported by scientific evidence.


Strong Evidence: Homeopathy Works on Babies & Animals

If homeopathy is really just a placebo effect, how does one explain:

1. The fact that homeopathy can work in animals!

A rigorous research study found that homeopathic medicine can prevent E. coli diarrhea in piglets – a big problem in commercial farming.

How it can happen if homeopathy is a placebo effect!!!

2. Homeopathic medicines have cured many health problems of the newborns and infants!

Newborns and infants can’t have placebo effects.

Evidence of remedies working on babies and animals clearly disproves the placebo effect theory, since they do not understand the world about them sufficiently to be able to believe that a remedy is going to do them good.

3. The existence of positive high-quality placebo-controlled trials!

These trials are designed specifically to separate out the placebo effect from the real clinical effect of the treatment being tested.

4. Homeopathic medicines having effects in laboratory experiments!

Effects have been seen on white blood cells, frogs, and wheat plants to name just a few examples.


Results are More Important than Hypothesis

“Science does not know everything yet”.

It is true that his response is misused by many people to protect their fake hypothesis. But, it doesn’t mean that this response is always used by fraud people for protection of fake hypothesis. I know that there is very thin line of demarcation between blind faith and evidence based faith.

Oxygen was discovered about 1772 by a Swedish chemist, Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Before 1772, there was the oxygen that was used by every living being. Only science was unaware of it.

Just like that, there are many real phenomena and effective healing systems, for which science doesn’t have an explanation yet. But they are giving real results. Homeopathy is one of them.

Infants and animals can’t produce psychology healing effects. So there is no question of placebo effects in animals and infants.


My Experiences

I have seen many powerful results in infants and kids with homeopathic medicines.

Complete recovery of Mr.Anand’s son has strengthened my faith in Homeopathic healing power.

Serious Newborn Cured Within A Day With Homeopathy

Mr. Anand Bhenwal’s wife gave birth to a boy on 01.11.2007 at 8.45 am. But after birth, he cried very late and slowly. Mr.Anand took him to a paediatric hospital.

The doctor told that the condition of the child is very critical. He is not breathing properly and his heart is beating fast. The child has to be kept in the NICU. The cost of which will be from 3000 to 5000 per day.

He will need this treatment for more than 10 days. And even after doing so, there is absolutely no guarantee of child survival. Being a very poor man, Mr.Anand was not able to pay this bill.

So he brought the newborn to me. He told me that Doctor please do whatever you can.

I gave a bottle of homeopathic medicine and told him to give 4 drops to his son. (Advised to repeat 4 drops every minute for 2 hours.) Gradually the condition of the newborn started improving and he became completed healthy in a day.

His parent’s smile and blessings gave me a very different kind of happy feeling. It was a wonderful moment!

That day I witnessed the great power of Homeopathy.

There are many success stories with Homeopathic Medicines I have experienced in my 21 years of practice.

But Mr. Manish Pagare’s experience is magical for me.


Manish Pagare’s experience

Mr. Manish Pagare is Rationing Inspector (Mumbai). I was surprised when he told me that he was having 4 kidney stones in his hand.

Yes!! He got rid of his 4 kidney stones in just one day with my Homeopathic Medicines.

Click here to watch his Hindi video testimonial and ultrasound reports.

There are hundreds of patients who got rid of their kidney stones in 3 days to 3 months.

But 4 stones in 1 day. It happened the first time. This is the power of Homeopathy. I am sure that it can’t be a placebo effect.


More Evidence

Results from numerous high quality randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and several systematic reviews have shown that homeopathic medicines have a clinical effect above and beyond placebo

Critics claim that because homeopathy medicines are very highly diluted, they are merely believed to have a placebo effect. However, research by Dr.Jayesh Bellare, head of department, Chemical Engineering, at IIT-B, and his team has proved that they do contain nano-particles of medicinal molecules. “While earlier it was thought that homeopathic medicines do not contain medicinal molecules, high resolution microscopes used in the IIT-B lab to observe the medicines found that the molecules do exist in nano sizes,” said Dr.Bellare.

Physicists at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) have detected the effect of energy particles in homeopathy using laser beams and electrical devices. Former BARC scientist and physicist, Dr.Akalpita Paranjpe talked about an electrical device called ‘Medical Analyzer’ which measures the effects of homeopathy medicines on a person’s physiology. “We measured the heart rate of a person before and after administering homeopathic medicine Sulphur 200. We noticed that the body reacts to Sulphur 200 and that the ill person goes back to being normal after being administered the medicine,” said Dr.Paranjpe.

Dr.Kanjaksha Ghosh, director, National Institute of Immunohaematology (NII) vouches for homeopathy to cure bleeding disorder in haemophilia patients. “In a study conducted in Surat, Mumbai and Nasik, in 500 cases of haemophilic patients, internal bleeding has been stalled by administering homeopathic drugs,” said Dr.Ghosh. “There have been cases when the Factor 8 and 9 injections for haemophilia management have been unavailable or very expensive, one-year treatment can cost lakhs of rupees. Homeopathy drugs have proven effective in saving their lives,” said Dr.Ghosh.

Austrian molecular biologist Dr.Michael Frass and Indian scientist Dr.Gaurisankar have proved anti-cancer activities of homeopathy in laboratory experiments on cell lines extracted from the human body. Dr.Gaurisankar also demonstrated the regression of cancer in rats after giving homeopathy medicines.

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