How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Business & Blog | 7 Practical Tips

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3 Types of Domain Names

Domain name can be divided into 3 types for simplification

  1. Personal Brandable Domain Names

E.g.,,, etc.

This type of domain name doesn’t mean anything specific, and it has the capability to launch anything and do anything.


  1. Non-Personal Brandable domain names

E.g., Success

Like personnel type of domain name, this type also has the capability to launch anything.


  1. keyword domain name

E.g. or

The name with country name will restrict you to talk about Affiliates in India. A reader from outside of India will not follow this blog because they will immediately recognize that this blog is only for Indian readers.

If you wish to expand your reach within the future, the name shouldn’t be a roadblock.

However, if you are just looking to build a small niche blog and work on it as a side project, keyword-based domain names are OK.

Of course, everybody cannot predict the long run success of a blogging project, and most folks don’t have big bucks to begin with. However, that doesn’t mean that you just will accept a mediocre name – particularly if you’re serious regarding blogging.

When first starting out, it can be hard to come up with catchy business name ideas with a perfect domain name.

So, if you haven’t chosen a domain name yet, here are some tips to assist you choose the correct domain name for your website. Having a good domain name will take you places, and it will end up becoming a valuable brand of its own.

In this article, I will share all the tools and tips you need to get domain name ideas, choose the best domain name, and register your new domain (for free).

7 Tips for Selecting the Best Domain Name

  1. Choose short domain name
  2. Select easy to pronounce and spell domain name
  3. Keep it distinctive, unique and brandable
  4. Avoid hyphens in domain name
  5. Avoid doubled letters
  6. Research your domain name
  7. Buy it before it becomes unavailable


Let’s look at these tips one by one with more details.

1.   Choose short domain name

It’s better to possess a domain name that’s short and unforgettable.

We suggest keeping your name below eight to fourteen characters.Longer domains are harder for your users to remember.

Not to mention, users usually avoid typing longer names which can lead to loss traffic.

That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your domain name short.


2. Select easy to pronounce and spell domain name

You should be able to easily share your domain name when speaking as well as writing. You never know when you’ll be asked to share your domain name in person.

If you’re planning to use your domain name to create a professional business email address, then it should be easy to understand and spell for any listener.


3. Keep it distinctive, unique and brandable

Your blog domain name must be unique, so you can stand out in your readers’ minds. ranks high in search due to its uniqueness.

It’s smart to research other blogs in your niche and find out what domain names they’re using.

You don’t want to accidentally use a trademark name or get accused of copying another blogger.

You can also choose to pick a domain name that’s more brandable, e.g.

4. Avoid Hyphens in Domain Name

Never select a domain name with hyphens. Hyphens can be a sign of spam domains which you do not want to be associated with.

Hyphenated domains are also prone to typos (a typographical error). If you choose a domain name with hyphens because the domain you want is already taken, then your users will likely end up at your competitor’s site if they forget to type in the hyphen.

5. Avoid Double Letters

It’s a good idea to avoid domains with doubled letters, because it increases your probability of losing traffic to typos. For example, a domain like will be more prone to typos and result in lost traffic.

Avoiding doubled letters will also make your domain easy to type and more brandable.

6. Research Your Domain Name

Before you register a domain name, try to find out if there is already a registered business using the same name.

You can perform a trademark search to see if there is already a similar or exact name already trademarked.

Research trademarks to avoid conflicting domain names.

You can also perform a Google search and check for the name’s availability on top social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

A similar or matching name would not only cause confusion, but it could also have severe legal implications which may cost you a lot of money.

7. Buy it before it becomes unavailable

Each day thousands of new domain names are registered from all parts of the world. If you have found a domain name that you like, then don’t wait too long.

Domain names are like real estate. Thousands of people are actively looking for good brandable domain names that they can register for better rates in the future.

If you don’t act fast, then someone may go ahead and register your domain idea.

Since domain names are relatively cheap, we always recommend our readers to act fast. If you change your mind later, then you can simply let it expire.

What is domain cost?

It is from $8 to $15 per year (Rs.600 to Rs.1200 per year).


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